Thursday, June 26, 2014

High Voltage Make Up That Really Packs A Punch!

 Do you ever have those moments where everything you buy seems to come from one brand? Well, that happened to me. Lately all my beauty purchases seems to be from Kat Von D! I feel like it wasn't that long ago when I purchased her liquid lipstick in A-GO-GO, and I managed to pick up just a couple more things from her line.

Everlasting Blush

Can we just take a moment to admire this beautiful color? I have the shade Bellisima, which is a gorgeous peachy pink. I adore this blush so much, it's insane! Everything I could possibly want in a blush is given to me and I am eternally grateful!  This blush is pigmented, long lasting, and extremely silky feeling. It also blends really nicely, see everything about it is perfect! What I like most about this blush is you can gently tap your brush into it and have a light wash of color or you can be extremely daring and have a nice flush of color.

Chrysalis Eyeshadow Palette

Choosing between this palette and the Monarch Eyeshadow Palette was extremely difficult! But I thought I would step outside my neutral comfort zone and try out Chrysalis, and I'm glad I did. All the shadows are nicely pigmented and although you may think some of the shades aren't that wearable, they really are! You can actually create a variety of looks with this palette from a nice subtle day time look to an amplified night look. My favorite shade would have to be Hybrid Moments, a beautiful deep plum color. Most of these shadows are quite soft, so you might get some powder everywhere, but the shades are so beautiful that I don't mind the slight mess.

Left To Right: Lucid, Lunar Lights, Lifelike

Left To Right: Tornay, Entombed, Graphic Nature, Black Milk, Melancholia, Glasswing, Transition, Mezzanie, Hybrid Moments


I'm really tempted to go back to Sephora and pick up the Monarch palette and maybe another blush from this line!

Have you tried any of these or other Kat Von D products?

Until next time, sending all my love to my fellow make up connoisseurs! xo

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Paint it SUMMER!

Let's talk nail polish, shall we? If there is one thing that perks up my mood it's nail polish! I stumbled upon these five nail polishes in the past couple of months and I am absolutely loving these colors for summer.
Left to Right: Innocent, ?, I Lilac You, Hot Chili Pepper, Blue My Mind











Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish

I really enjoy Rimmel products and once I found out they had nail polishes, I just had to try them out! They have a nice shade variety in this line from bright colors to deeper shades and even some glitter. My favorite thing about these, aside from the names, is that the brush applicator  is nice and big, so you can really coat the nail with ease! My one complaint would have to be that this does NOT dry in 60 seconds. That was the only disappointment because if you're like me and want your nail polish to dry almost instantly because life happens, and you end up smudging and making a mess of things, then I would suggest setting aside sometime to not do anything while this dries.


Blue Cross Beauty Summer Bright Nail Color 

I randomly spotted this nail polish in Rite Aid and was instantly drawn to this color! I can't find the name to this color anywhere on the bottle, which is a shame, but I really do enjoy this nail polish. It's a matte finish nail polish and to be honest I'm not too keen because I feel like it accentuates my dry hands, but that's nothing a shiny top coat can't fix!

I've been loving this color so much that it's almost gone and rarely do I ever go through a bottle of nail polish!
The formulation isn't the greatest because it does chip quite easily, but since I love it so much I let that slide.

Sinful Colors

Now this color won't be for everyone, but I have fallen head over heels for it! It's a nice pea green (now doesn't that sound appealing?) and in my opinion it's a perfect color and I wish to wear it all the time. I've always like Sinful Colors they have a variety of different shades and the formulation is great! I can honestly wear this nail polish for a week with minimal chipping!

Gelogic Nail Polish 

I wanted to mention one more nail polish, which is an excellent top coat!   You can find this brand in Rite Aid and it's worth picking it up. It claims to leave a gel like finish without using any UV lights. This definitely leaves a beautiful glossy finish and my nail polish lasted (a week and still going strong!) without any chipping aside from two fingers, but it was slight chipping and can't really be noticed! I was really impressed with this top coat and I can't imagine myself not using it!

Friday, June 13, 2014

In The Tropics Palette

I don't know about you, but with the warmer weather upon us I tend to gravitate towards shimmery eye shadows. There's nothing better than a nice shimmery eye look for summer and this In The Tropics palette by Sephora gives you many options to choose from!

Inside this palette contains 10 beautiful shimmery shades that can be used either wet or dry. If you want to intensify the color I would suggest using them wet! Now I must admit, some of the shades are more pigmented than others, but what I like about them is you can build up the color intensity by layering the color. The eye shadows also wear quite nicely even on my oily lids which is something I struggle with when it comes to shimmery shades.

There honestly isn't one shade in the palette I wouldn't wear. I was quite impressed with these eye shadows that I'm interested in checking out other Moonshadow baked palettes that Sephora offers!

Until next time, sending all my love to all my fellow make up connoisseurs out there!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Moving Forward

I thought I would write something quite different than my other regular posts. Recently I haven't been in the best of moods, so I took some time to reflect. I've also just finished up my finals for this semester and I'm glad to say that this semester is finally over!

While I was at school one morning, I happened to come across a blog post by Keiko Lynn (who is one of my FAVORITES) that really hit home with me. As you all know or those of you who have read my first blog post, I went though a pretty tough time in my life in the past two months. One thing that I didn't mention was I've also been struggling with my health and with the accumulation of those things I felt my world crumble. And ever since then I've been trying to pick myself up again and move forward, which I must admit I do still have minor set backs, but I'm trying and that's all you can do.
Once I read Keiko's post I realized that I really did let my anxiety and depression get the better of me. I was in a rut and didn't see myself getting out of it. One thing that stuck out to me in that post was this sentence: " I let circumstances beyond my control dictate my every breath and being."
That is something I struggle with, not having control or letting things I can't control do exactly that.

After reading her post it inspired me to do the same and allow myself to be more proactive and make progress in order to bring myself to a new beginning.

I will have more posts about beauty coming soon, but I just thought I would share what's been going on.
And I haven't forgotten my blog, so don't fret! (:

Until next time, sending all my love to you all! And can I just say thank you to each and every one of you who take the time to read my posts, it means the world to me!