Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Moisturizer that Has Me Believing!

Moisturizers are always a hard thing to come by for me. Either they're not hydrating enough or they are they moisture me, but my skin gets parched throughout the day. Rarely have I found one that leaves my skin nice and supple and not quenching for thirst....until now!

I think I may have found my holy grail moisturizer! The Brand is called Belief and it's a skin care brand that I recently discovered in which they "marry the traditional approach to treating the body & mind to maintain the skin's ideal condition". What caught my eye was the super cute display of their products that we have in Sephora! Not to mention if you check out their website, it's too cute and very animated!

Their philosophy is quite simple as well, they keep it: REAL, SIMPLE, and SINCERE

So far I love this moisturizer, and I haven't ran into any problems with it either! I leaves my skin so fresh and moisturized! I love using this in the morning and then switch it up with a different moisturizer at night.

It's certainly not everyone's favorite, especially those with oily skin! And the smell isn't for everyone either, for me it just smells like smells like fresh lemons. I guess, that can be off putting for some! lol

The moisturizer I have is The True Cream: Intense Aqua Bomb. The consistency is interesting because it's sort of like a gel, but a little runny ( if that makes any sense; probably not!) The color is also what caught my eye, it's a clear blue color and that's how I can tell the difference between that and their other moisturizer.

Another thing that sold me on this product is the fact that it doesn't feel heavy on the skin! You know with some moisturizers that are extremely hydrating, leave your skin feeling like you have a lot of product on; maybe a little too much product? Well, this guy doesn't do that at all and caused my mind to be a bit perplexed the first time I used it! I think it's great that it's so light weight and yet still manages to really hydrate my skin! Yup, this little guy stole my heart and has me curious about more Belief products.

Have you tried any products from this line? If so, what's your favorite? :)
Until next time, sending all my love to my fellow beauty connoisseur,

Julie :)