Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Things That Got Me Through July!

I feel like the month of July was a bit of a roller-coaster for me, and boy did it go by quick! July was filled with a few good highs and tad bit of lows, and it certainly was mentally draining. I thought I would share a few things that got me through this crazy summer month.
So close, yet so far!
My absolute favorite thing that got me through the month was going to a New Order concert with one
New Order closing out to a couple of JD songs.
of my best friends. It was something I've been looking forward to since I snagged these tickets and it was well worth the wait. I've been a huge fan of New Order since I can remember, thanks to my mother for playing a bunch of 80s bands around me- I was bound to get my musical taste from her! I was pleased to hear all the songs my little heart desired and my ears begged to be heard. For someone who doesn't dance because they're horrible at it, I danced my butt off without a care.
This was a hard decision, but something as simple as a shirt definitely got me through this month! Since it has been so hot here in California I'm always trying to keep myself cool, so I generally stick to wearing white. I got this Joy Division shirt off of another favorite, Depop (an app where you can buy or swap items), and I've been wearing this shirt to DEATH! I was glad I happened to stumble upon it because once you find an item off Depop, let's just say you should snag it before someone else does!  
 Since I said the weather has been pretty hot, I haven't been wearing tons of make up- surprisingly. When I do decide to paint my face, I typically gravitate towards these items: NYX Matte Finishing Spray (You can  read my review here), Urban Decay Primer Potion, Make Up Forever Smoky Lash MascaraLime Crime Velvetines in the shade Wicked, and my BH Cosmetics San Francisco palette . These items have been my favorites this month! Especially, Lime Crime's Velvetine in Wicked! This color has been my life line and it's such a me color. I know it's summer and typically brighter colors are worn, but this color is just too pretty not to be worn all year round!

My skin has also been on edge this month and one thing that keeps it in check is my Breath Of Fresh Air Toner by Lush. I adore this toner so much since it's pretty soothing, and I'm sad it's running low because I've used so much of it!

My nail polish of choice this month has been Rimmel's 60 Second Nail Polish (I also did a review on this click here if you'd like to read it) in the shade I Lilac You. When I felt in a slump this month I turned to this nail polish to give myself a little pick me up, and I think pastels are perfect for summer. Especially if you have a bit of a tan! This color has yet to leave my nails, and I think it is about that time to pick myself another bottle of this majestic color!

The biggest life saver for me this month has been running! I used to be keen on running and would go for a run everyday, but for the past year my feet hadn't seen a pair of running shoes, until now. After days of telling myself, I would go for a run and the countless "I go tomorrow!", yet tomorrow never came, I finally pushed myself and went. It felt nice to feel the breeze on my face and I feel pretty proud for keeping up with it!

I'm one of those people who can't run without a bit of music and Spotify has been my best friend! Although I have tons of music on my I-pod, it's always nice to switch things up a bit. If you haven't tried Spotify, you should definitely check it out.

The last thing that got me through this month has been enjoying the company of my awesome friends. It's no surprise that I've been up and down, but my friends have been really great and it reminded me of how lucky I am to have them. Especially when I needed an ear to listen to me vent or needed someone to shed some light my way. They were there and it is greatly appreciated! I may only be able to count all my friends on one hand, but they're the best and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Of course, I couldn't forget about my blog and readers! This has been my outlet during a turning point in my life and this has brought me so much joy to write about things that interest me. Thank you to all of you who subscribe to my blog, read my posts, and take the time to comment! It means the world to me.

What are some things that got you through the month of July?

Until next time, sending all my love to my fellow beauty connoisseurs! xo

Friday, July 25, 2014

In Between Days: My favorite Dry Shampoos

We all have those days where we can't bare the thought of washing our hair, or at least I know I do. Especially since I have colored hair, washing it isn't exactly on the top of my list. I've tried so many dry shampoos and they have either been a great disappointment or they've been good and actually got the job done! I've seen plenty of these bottles go and I finally discovered my favorites.

My go to dry shampoo would definitely be this one by Suave! Not only does it smell amazing, I have yet to experience the horrid white cast from this one! If you have dark hair, you know this all too well when it comes to the world of dry shampoo. I have dark roots and I certainly don't want to walk around with a white cast over them, so when I use the Suave Dry Shampoo I can rest assure that won't happen! It's also great at soaking all that oil and still leave my feeling soft which I find difficult when shopping around for a dry shampoo. As you can tell I really enjoy using this product for in between washes.

Of Course as soon as I tried to take a photo of my own Dove bottle, it's nowhere to be found! Credit: vervemagazine

 When I'm really in a pinch and the grease is getting out of hand, this is the dry shampoo I reach for! The thing I love most about this dry shampoo is the fact that it gives me VOLUME! This dry shampoo is what I call  heavy-duty!  I usually don't gravitate towards this every time I need to freshen up my hair because I do find that it tends to dry out my hair, but using it once won't.

Dry shampoo is definitely one product I can't live without!

What are some of your favorites?

Until next time, sending all my love to all my beauty connoisseurs!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Flecks of Color: An Alternative to the Classic Wing

Today I felt like trying out a different look, something that was a little spin off of a classic wing eyeliner look. I wasn't sure how I was going to use all these colors at first, but I really liked the end result.

To create this look I used four liquid eyeliners from Lime Crime in the colors: Blue Milk, Quill, Citreuse, and Lazuli.

I also used two other liners, one from Wet N Wild in the shade: Turquoise

and NYX eyeliner in: Extreme Purple
 I first went in with Citreuse and created littlestrokes to give myself a general guide line before laying down the other colors.  I then used the remaining colors in the same way, creating little strokes in between different colors.


 Overall I was pretty pleased with the finished look! I think it's fun and interesting way to break  away from your everyday eyeliner.                                                     

Would you wear this look?

As always, sending all my love to my fellow make
up connoisseurs! x

Friday, July 18, 2014

Spray Don't Stray

I've always been a fan of setting sprays, and there are some that really do help with the longevity of your makeup and that can really be helpful especially during the summer months. There are tons of setting sprays on the market, so there's a nice variety to choose from. Two of my favorite make up setting sprays are from NYX.

I like using the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray on days when I know I'm going to be running around and want my make up to last all day. This setting spray really gives you a matte finish and I find that I don't have to touch up as often when I've used this product. I like to spray this prior to applying my make up and sometimes I like to add just a bit more once I've finished to insure my make up stays in place. Now I would say be careful when you apply this because using too much will do the exact opposite of what you were trying to achieve, and don't forget to spray at least 10 inches away from your face, or else you will get splashed with a lot of product and that isn't very fun. 

My second favorite is NYX Dewy Finish Setting sprayNow this setting spray is great if you're after a dewy finish! I prefer using this setting spray when I go a little overboard with the powder, which happens on days I'm extra oily, and it instantly reduces any cake face that might be going on. The one thing I do notice when using this product is I do get a tad shinny throughout the day, but that's nothing a little powder can't fix.

The only downside I can think of is that the bottles go a bit wonky after using them for a while, but that's not exactly a deal breaker for me. 

Have you tried any of these make up setting sprays? Which ones are your favorite? 

As always, until next time, sending all my love to all my make up connoisseurs! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Minimalist Summer Make Up

When it comes to these hot summer days we've been having in California lately, using minimal products is at the top of my list! During the summer the last thing you want is to worry about your make up. Especially me, who is quite sensitive to the heat and the last thing I want is my foundation to melt away. So today I opted for a simple look using these products:

L'ORÉAL Magic Lumi Primer
I love using this primer to give my face a nice glow on days when my face is  looking a little on the dull side. This primer gives you that nice natural glow. You can apply it to the whole face or in my case I apply it to the high points of my face. 

Elf HD Lifting Concealer
This concealer is great at lightening up the under eye area. I use a little of this and it gives a brightening effect that I desperately need and instantly makes me look like a morning person!  Haha

Cover Girl True blend Fix Stick 
I apply this concealer basically on the areas I need it. Since on days like this, I tend to skip foundation but there are some areas that need a little bit of coverage,  and this concealer does the trick. It's also nice under the eyes and it tends to get a bit dry in that area for me, yet this concealer doesn't dry it out even further like I found most do.
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour Blush
This blush is my favorite!  Not only is the formula amazing, but the color as well! I love using this blush when I have a long day and can't be bothered to touch up my blush.  I have the shade Blissful and it's exactly that! It's the perfect coral blush and this blush is foolproof,  you can really layer this blush, so you won't get so much product all in one go.

Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder
Believe it or not, but this is actually my first bronzer!  I've never dabbled into the bronzing pool up until a few months ago. I think this bronzer was the perfect one to start off with it. I have the shade 01 Natural and this is another foolproof product. You can easily build it up to your liking. Especially since this is my first bronzer, I don't exactly want to go overboard. 

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
This would have to be amongst my favorite eyeshadow primers! I struggle with oily eyelids and this keeps the oil at bay and really keeps my eye shadow on my lids! 
I would definitely recommend it if you're having trouble finding a good eyeshadow primer. 

NYX Eyeshadow 
I have a few of NYX eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes,  but this shade Iced Mocha
 Is my favorite! I usually gravitate towards this shade when I don't want to fuss about with eyeshadow.  I just pop this on and I'm done and if I want to add a little more definition in my crease, I take a little bit of my bronzer and pop thay in there.

Limecrime Liquid Eyeliner 
I have the old packaging of this eyeliner and since then I think they also changed the formula along with the packaging.  To be honest,  I like this eyeliner, but it does smudge. Now I have tried the new formula and its budge proof! But for now,  I tend to use this one so I can finish it up.

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder
On the days I want more of a natural brow this is the product I reach for. The powders are great and it comes with two shades, even a wax, which is also great at taming those unruly brows!

Ulta Super Stretch Fiber Mascara 
Ulta has some pretty good mascaras and this is one of them! This mascara gives a nice length to my lashes and the formula is dry, which is why I enjoy using it so much, and you can really layer this mascara up without it clumping.

Sephora Eyelash Curlers 
I have yet to find a pair of eyelash curlers that blow me away. Not to say this isn't a good because it is, but I haven't found one that wowed me. As for these, their good standard pair of eyelash curlers.

NYX Eyeliner
I enjoying using a white eyeliner every now and then to make my eyes look wide awake. I also enjoy using this one from NYX because it seems to stay in my waterline for a reasonable amount of hours.

I know I said minimal,  but for me this is pretty minimal!  And for the most part it's pretty quick to throw together.

What are some of your go to products for summer? 

Until next time, sending all my love to all my make up connoisseurs!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ask Yourself, Are You Daring?

It seems like I've been stepping out of my normal comfort zone in the world of makeup lately. There once was a time when I used to be quite adventurous with my makeup. I wore a lot of bright colored eyeshadow and eyeliners and all that disappeared when I turned 20. All my eye looks now consist of neutral colors, and sure I wore a lot bright pink and red lipstick, but I never dipped my foot back into the colorful world, until now.

I picked up two NYX Macaroon lipsticks one in the shade Violet and the other in Earl Grey. These colors are not for everyone and they're certainly not your typical everyday colors, but they sure are unique! It takes a bit of bravery as well as confidence, but with the right attitude and eye look, Earl Grey can be stunning! My favorite lip combination has actually been mixing these two colors; they make a beautiful lavender together.
Left to Right: Pagan Angel, Earl Grey, Violet, Earl Grey mixed with Violet

The formulation of these lipsticks are quite creamy, but very opaque! As for wear time, I would say you can go 3-4 hours without reapplying.

Another lipstick I have worn, inside my house, is Wet n Wild's Pagan Angel from the Fergie collection. I first heard about this lipstick from Hollie also known as Eating Lipstick's video and after seeing it, I rushed to my local drugstore to pick it up!  I know, I know, it's a black lipstick and it is a daunting color to wear, but there's just something about black lipstick that looks cool. I bought this as sort of a tester before buying Lime Crime's Black Velvet Velvetine which is a matte black lipstick, and after wearing Pagan Angel I might take the plunge and buy Black Velvet!

It's quite refreshing to step outside your comfort zone every now and then, especially with make up! If you don't like it you can always remove it, it is just make up after all. And who knows maybe you'll find something you end up loving.

Until next time, sending all my love to my fellow makeup connoisseurs!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Riding The Wave: Products For Us Wavy Haired Gals

For the longest time I've really struggled with my wavy locks. I also found it quite difficult to find products that would help enhance my natural waves. I wish I was blessed with luscious waves, but my waves aren't exactly my favorite. There was a time when I did not embrace my waves and all I wanted was straight hair, so for the longest time I would straighten my hair e v e r y single day! Crazy, right? It wasn't until I reached high school and decided to put down my straightening iron and just learn to accept my wavy hair.

It's taken me a while to figure out my waves, but I got there in the end. My biggest peeve is that my waves start to actually wave from my ears down, which leaves the top half of my hair flat. Here are some products I found to help not only emphasize my waves, but also gives me some volume to really make my waves pack a nice punch!

Not Your Mother's Plump For Joy Thickening Hair Lifter

My love for Not Your Mother's products continues to grow! This was actually the first product I tried out and I absolutely love it! What I like most about this product is the fact it doesn't weigh down my hair, or make my roots super greasy. You can use this on wet hair, but I tend to work it in once my hair is dry and it gives my waves more of a bounce that I need. I use quite a lot of this product and I still haven't made a dent in it! Overall, if you're looking for a nice boost whether you have wavy hair or not, this product is great for that!

L'OREAL PARIS Txt It Tousle Waves Spray

I love a good sea salt spray and its a great way to revive your waves, if they're not exactly that beach vibe you crave. I've tried a few sea salt sprays including Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray, which surprising isn't my favorite and I'm usually a huge fan of B&B. I find that the L'oreal Txt It spray does the job in giving me nice beachy waves. The one complaint I do have with this product is it tends to really dry out my hair, if I use it back to back, but other than that I quite like it. Like I said, sea salts sprays can be your best friend when you have wavy hair, especially on those days your waves are looking a tad bit flat, it can instantly perk those waves up.
Tip: I find I really enjoy this product on day two hair, spray a little of this and braid your hair before bed and when you wake up, you'll have nice tousled waves! 

My hunt for products geared towards wavy hair is still on going. Hopefully these two products will help you out in the wave department! If you have any recommendations for me, feel free to let me know. I love discovering new products to try!

Until next time, sending all my love to my beauty connoisseurs! x

Monday, July 7, 2014

PHAMExpo Haul!

As promised, I'm here to share with you all what I picked up while I was at PHAME! I didn't go over board, though it's very easy to when you're surrounded by all sorts of brands.

I picked up was a few things from Lime Crime and let me tell you, the line was CRAZY, but totally
worth the wait!

I decided to finally pick up Blue Milk Liquid Liner, a gorgeous pale blue, which I have been lusting over for the past year and I don't know why I never got around to buying it, but at last it's mine!

The next product that has been on my wish list since it came out is their Velvetine in the shade Wicked. This color is literally my everything right now! I also got the chance to swatch Utopia Velvetine, and this color is quite unique and should be out soon!

What I was most excited about was -of course- getting my hands on some brushes. Like I said I didn't go too crazy, although I wished I had because these brushes are extremely affordable!  *Hides face in shame* I only picked up three!

The brushes I picked up are from Morphe Brushes. I was looking into buying some blending brushes and these were the ones I chose, M433 PRO FIRM BLENDING FLUFF. They are extremely soft and blend my eye shadow like a dream and of course I needed two, one for applying whatever color of choice and the other to blend. Or you can simply use one brush, but I thought why not get two.

Believe it or not, but I've never really owned a smudge brush and always wanted one, so I went for the M408 CHISEL SHADER.


I picked up a few hair products from Rock Your Hair. I've always had a problem when it came to having volume in my hair, and although I have thick hair it always remains flat. Needless to say, my hair isn't as voluminous as I would like it to be, so when I saw Bombshell Big Hair Powder in action, I was instantly sold! I've tried this a few times and it does give my hair the volume it desires. The other product I decided to try was Get A Lift Volumizing Spray.
The first time I used it was amazing, my waves were more voluminous and it also smelled really nice!
One thing I have to say is I felt like my hair got a tad greasy after a while, but I still have to test this one out some more to have a final opinion on it.

I'm not a huge lash wearer, but I've always wanted to
try some out to amp up my make up look. Ever heard of the saying: once you start wearing false eyelashes, you'll always wear false eyelashes? I've always wondered if that was true, so I guess we'll find that out soon! I picked up 8 pairs of Ardell False Lashes and even a cute eyelash holder to store the ones I've used.

Well, that's just about all the products I purchased at PHAMExpo this year. Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

Until next time, sending all my love to my fellow make up connoisseurs!

Friday, July 4, 2014

My PHAMExpo 2014 Experience

This year was my first time attending PHAMExpo and it was quite the experience! For those of you who never attended PHAME it's a professional hair and make up expo where professionals, students, and just anyone interested in hair and make up gather. It's a great way to see brands and people in the industry!
When I first walked in I didn't know what to expect seeing it was my first expo ever, and boy was I in heaven! The energy and people inside were amazing! You had all sorts of brands with the products they offer to even schools show casing what they're all about and some students doing make up right then and there!

The atmosphere was simply amazing. You had brands like Makeup Geek, Lime Crime, Real Techniques, Sauce Box (And may I add the girls working there were so kind!), just to name a few.

Overall my experience was magical! I was lucky enough to meet Doe Deere, creator/founder of LimeCrime, and the line to purchase their products was insane, but totally worth the wait!

And of course, I couldn't help but pick up a few things from Lime Crime! 

I would have to say the highlight of the day was meeting Sam and Nick from Pixiwoo! They were actually the first people I started watching on youtube and I've learned so much from their videos. They are both even more beautiful in person and just the loveliest people I've had the pleasure of meeting.

I did a little shopping while I was there, I mean how can you not? So I'll have another blog post of the things I hauled at PHAMExpo!

If you're ever in the Los Angeles area when PHAMExpo is around, I definitely recommend you check it out! It's a great time and a great experience to have.

Until next time, sending all my love to my fellow makeup connoisseurs! xo