Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Things That Got Me Through July!

I feel like the month of July was a bit of a roller-coaster for me, and boy did it go by quick! July was filled with a few good highs and tad bit of lows, and it certainly was mentally draining. I thought I would share a few things that got me through this crazy summer month.
So close, yet so far!
My absolute favorite thing that got me through the month was going to a New Order concert with one
New Order closing out to a couple of JD songs.
of my best friends. It was something I've been looking forward to since I snagged these tickets and it was well worth the wait. I've been a huge fan of New Order since I can remember, thanks to my mother for playing a bunch of 80s bands around me- I was bound to get my musical taste from her! I was pleased to hear all the songs my little heart desired and my ears begged to be heard. For someone who doesn't dance because they're horrible at it, I danced my butt off without a care.
This was a hard decision, but something as simple as a shirt definitely got me through this month! Since it has been so hot here in California I'm always trying to keep myself cool, so I generally stick to wearing white. I got this Joy Division shirt off of another favorite, Depop (an app where you can buy or swap items), and I've been wearing this shirt to DEATH! I was glad I happened to stumble upon it because once you find an item off Depop, let's just say you should snag it before someone else does!  
 Since I said the weather has been pretty hot, I haven't been wearing tons of make up- surprisingly. When I do decide to paint my face, I typically gravitate towards these items: NYX Matte Finishing Spray (You can  read my review here), Urban Decay Primer Potion, Make Up Forever Smoky Lash MascaraLime Crime Velvetines in the shade Wicked, and my BH Cosmetics San Francisco palette . These items have been my favorites this month! Especially, Lime Crime's Velvetine in Wicked! This color has been my life line and it's such a me color. I know it's summer and typically brighter colors are worn, but this color is just too pretty not to be worn all year round!

My skin has also been on edge this month and one thing that keeps it in check is my Breath Of Fresh Air Toner by Lush. I adore this toner so much since it's pretty soothing, and I'm sad it's running low because I've used so much of it!

My nail polish of choice this month has been Rimmel's 60 Second Nail Polish (I also did a review on this click here if you'd like to read it) in the shade I Lilac You. When I felt in a slump this month I turned to this nail polish to give myself a little pick me up, and I think pastels are perfect for summer. Especially if you have a bit of a tan! This color has yet to leave my nails, and I think it is about that time to pick myself another bottle of this majestic color!

The biggest life saver for me this month has been running! I used to be keen on running and would go for a run everyday, but for the past year my feet hadn't seen a pair of running shoes, until now. After days of telling myself, I would go for a run and the countless "I go tomorrow!", yet tomorrow never came, I finally pushed myself and went. It felt nice to feel the breeze on my face and I feel pretty proud for keeping up with it!

I'm one of those people who can't run without a bit of music and Spotify has been my best friend! Although I have tons of music on my I-pod, it's always nice to switch things up a bit. If you haven't tried Spotify, you should definitely check it out.

The last thing that got me through this month has been enjoying the company of my awesome friends. It's no surprise that I've been up and down, but my friends have been really great and it reminded me of how lucky I am to have them. Especially when I needed an ear to listen to me vent or needed someone to shed some light my way. They were there and it is greatly appreciated! I may only be able to count all my friends on one hand, but they're the best and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Of course, I couldn't forget about my blog and readers! This has been my outlet during a turning point in my life and this has brought me so much joy to write about things that interest me. Thank you to all of you who subscribe to my blog, read my posts, and take the time to comment! It means the world to me.

What are some things that got you through the month of July?

Until next time, sending all my love to my fellow beauty connoisseurs! xo


  1. Amazing T-Shirt *___*!!!! Want it!!!

  2. Thank you! I've been wearing it constantly since I got it! (:

  3. Hey!
    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award!
    This is the link to see what it's all about!
    Btw, did you like the breath of fresh air toner from Lush? :)

    Urika xo

    1. Wow, thank you so much! :) I'll be sure to check it out, and again thank you!

      Yes, I'm head over heels in love with Breath of Fresh Air! It's a really great toner and I highly recommend it.

  4. I really bloody love this segment - it's varied and engaging and I love it. Did I mention that I love it?

    I've given you a cheeky shout-out in my latest blog post - that's how much I love it! ;)

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

    1. Awww, thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'll make sure to check that out as well! :) x