Friday, July 25, 2014

In Between Days: My favorite Dry Shampoos

We all have those days where we can't bare the thought of washing our hair, or at least I know I do. Especially since I have colored hair, washing it isn't exactly on the top of my list. I've tried so many dry shampoos and they have either been a great disappointment or they've been good and actually got the job done! I've seen plenty of these bottles go and I finally discovered my favorites.

My go to dry shampoo would definitely be this one by Suave! Not only does it smell amazing, I have yet to experience the horrid white cast from this one! If you have dark hair, you know this all too well when it comes to the world of dry shampoo. I have dark roots and I certainly don't want to walk around with a white cast over them, so when I use the Suave Dry Shampoo I can rest assure that won't happen! It's also great at soaking all that oil and still leave my feeling soft which I find difficult when shopping around for a dry shampoo. As you can tell I really enjoy using this product for in between washes.

Of Course as soon as I tried to take a photo of my own Dove bottle, it's nowhere to be found! Credit: vervemagazine

 When I'm really in a pinch and the grease is getting out of hand, this is the dry shampoo I reach for! The thing I love most about this dry shampoo is the fact that it gives me VOLUME! This dry shampoo is what I call  heavy-duty!  I usually don't gravitate towards this every time I need to freshen up my hair because I do find that it tends to dry out my hair, but using it once won't.

Dry shampoo is definitely one product I can't live without!

What are some of your favorites?

Until next time, sending all my love to all my beauty connoisseurs!


  1. I have the Dove dry shampoo as well and I love it!!!! It does wonders for when you just don't have time for a quick wash. I've also used Oscar Blandi "Pronto Dry Shampoo Invisible Spray". Its a bit more pricier than the Dove or Suave but if you're looking for a splurge you can get it at Sephora :)



    1. It always comes in handy and it smells amazing! I will definitely check that out next time I'm in Sephora, thanks for the recommendation! :) x

  2. I've only tried one dry shampoo but it just ran out quickly and looked like I used baby powder haha! I'll have to try out Suave :D

    1. Oh, I've been there a few times! haha Some dry shampoos are hard to work in and brush out! I hope the Suave works out for you x (: