Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I Have to Admit,

I've been a bad blogger haven't I? I just want to thank all you guys who took the time to visit my blog, read my posts and especially those of you who kept checking to see if there was anything new! You guys are awesome, even those of you who are new you're awesome too! Life has been hectic... I graduated from Make-Up Designory in March and since then I've been actually living life. I got a job at my local Sephora and I've also had an internship since then. You all know when I started this blog I was going through a rough time and I sought out comfort in this blog, as well as it's community. I have to say, I've come a long way since then! I'm still continuing to recover from a lot of loss I had last year, but I'm starting to feel like my old self which is all I wanted.

I've also made amazing friends at school who are probably thee best bunch I could surround myself with! I've learned a lot about myself and had to reevaluate certain aspects of my life, but I'm glad to say things are finally starting to look up.

My internship has been quite the experience and I'm fortunate to have been interning for an amazing sculptor/ creature designer. I also had the luxury of interning with a friend, so I wasn't completely alone! (If you guys want to read/hear more about my internship let me know!)

As of now, I'm still trying to get myself and metaphorical feet wet in this industry. It certainly has it's hardships and requires persistence especially when it comes to applying for jobs, but once you do, it is quite rewarding. 

I've also met so many interesting and cool people while working at Sephora and it has been quite the experience! It makes me genuinely happy to able to assist a client and they walk out with a huge smile on their face because of whatever product they took home, or the simple fact that you made them feel special.

I am trying to make big changes in my life, like moving to New York by next year! I really need a change of scenery, for as much as I consider LA my home, I could use a lot of time away. The opportunity presented itself and I need to take it! haha I've been also trying to raise money for my kit in order to pick up more jobs. I actually started a gofundme and I got that awesome idea from another fellow make-up artist!

More is to come from me, I promise! I just need to kick myself in the bum to get myself rolling again with this blog because besides from make-up, writing makes me so happy!

Any who, I hope this post wasn't too boring for you all! I just felt the need to explain why I've been completely MIA since my last post! I love you all, my make-up connoisseurs!


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